10 Hardgainer Natural Bodybuilding Tips

In this article I am going to share with you what I believe to be the top 10 tips for a hardgainer pursuing natural bodybuilding. These top 10 tips are based around the 3 main areas of successful bodybuilding, training, nutrition and mindset.

Taking from these 3 pillars of successful natural bodybuilding I have identified the top 10 tips for hardgainers who wish to build massive amounts of muscle as quickly as possible. Use these top 10 tips as a checklist and follow and apply them consistently and you will see great results from your efforts!

1. Intensity vs. Volume
There are two main training variables in your workouts that affect every set of every exercise and they are intensity and volume. You cannot have both! When volume increases intensity must and will decrease and when intensity increase volume must and will decrease. You cannot sprint a marathon! In order to build the maximum amount of muscle possible you must keep intensity high and volume low.

2. Lift big to get big
No one ever got big by lifting light weight, even the genetically gifted and those using performance enhancing drugs have to lift big weights to build big muscle. But as a hardgainer it is essential you lift big to get big. You must continuously strive to get stronger and lift more over time. You training must be Progressive!

3. Protein, protein, protein!
As a hardgainer chances are you will need more protein than the average person when trying to build muscle. You do not build or maintain the muscle you do build very easily. You need more protein simply to maintain the muscle you have built. Especially combined with the super high intensity workouts you are exposing your body and your muscles to on a regular basis. I know from experience whenever I have increased my protein intake I have seen gains almost immediately without changing my training. Muscles are made from protein and you should be drip feeding them every 2 hours or so throughout the day with high quality protein. Either shakes, bars, eggs, fish, chicken, meat or cottage cheese should be the cornerstone of every meal!

4. Eat big to get big!
If you are not gaining weight then you are not eating enough Period! Most hardgainers fail to understand just how much they need to Can you buy SARMs in Australia? eat to continue to build, gain and grow! If you are training hard with the right systems for success and eating high protein diet, are not over-training and you are not seeing gains then chances are you are not eating enough calories overall. To get big you must eat big! Keep increasing your meal sizes and calorie intake every week until you start to see gains!

5. Rest & Recovery
Probably the must underestimated area of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle is their rest and recovery. Particularly beginners and hardgainers with so much desire to build muscle fast they fall into the trap of believing more is better and then end up over training. You must understand that your muscles grow while you are resting and sleeping not while you are training! So get in hit it hard and get out of the gym fast, eat well and eat a lot and then let your body do it’s job of effective recovery and repair. Train hard, eat well and rest lots and gains will come quickly!