The Location Independent Professional

Working from Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm at the same building on the same floor for several years is definitely a bore! Some regular workers are now heading towards being a location independent professional and have a lifestyle that is a bit far from the ordinary concept of “working”.

A location independent professional is one who can be anywhere in the world and still earn a living. Some earn more than those who are executives in offices. This type of worker uses the internet and other passive income streams to maintain their nomadic lifestyle.

The way this people earn a living may sound unstable yet a lot of those who choose this type of livelihood have become millionaires. They travel from place to place with their families and with laptops and other gadgets conduct their business day to day.

Unlike the rest of the population, the location independent professional does not wait for retirement to travel or have more time for their favorite hobby. They can go diving or go fishing and while doing so they earn using the resources that the internet offers.

Of course, creating passive income does not happen in a day. It still entails a lot of thinking and research. One cannot just pick a niche, make a website and expect to get income immediately. The person has to have the entrepreneur’s way of Location independence thinking. In order to develop passive income there should be dedication and hard work. Initially there will be difficulties but having a goal and working towards it will make a difference.

Before deciding whether being a is for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

• Do you really like to travel and stay in a culture that is different from yours?
• Are you flexible to adapt to different ways and rules if you stay long in another country?
• Are you good at languages?
• Can you leave the “permanent” things in your life like your house and your car?
• Are you really adventurous enough to stay in a place where you have no friends?
• Can you sustain to live in another location or country for months?

Your answers to the questions determine whether you are ready to become a location independent professional. This is not a common lifestyle and you should be ready for whatever outcome. There are many resources available online to help you start with this lifestyle design. The first step is getting yourself financially stable to sustain that lifestyle and begin your journey when you are.